Benefits of VCCI members

Official members are enterprises, manufacturers and business organizations, employers, business associations registered and legally operating in Vietnam. Official members are entitled to the following benefits and benefits:


  • Be provided with assistance to address business concerns and requests to regulatory authorities in the course of doing business and complying with legal requirements.
  • Be given free-of-charge opportunities to participate in annual conferences, seminars and dialogues with relevant authorities on laws and policies.
  • Be able to attend annual dialogues on tax and customs policies and administrative procedures.


  • Business profiles are posted free of charge in the CONNECTIONS Membership Directory.
  • Business details are made available free of charge on the VCCI-HCM website and communication channels.
  • Opportunities to become a sponsor of events organized by VCCI-HCM.
  • Be given special privileges in using the brand promotion and communication services of VCCI-HCM.


  • Be given free tickets to participate in annual trade and investment promotion events.
  • Be given special privileges when joining overseas market research missions organized by VCCI-HCM.
  • Interact with others in the VCCI-HCM member network, with access to trusted partners and potential customers.


  • Be given chances to participate in VCCI- HCM training courses at a reduced cost.
  • Access to business support projects funded by national and international organizations.
  • Be given advice by legal experts and specialists in their fields, including industrial relations and markets at a reduced cost.


  • Boost the reputation and credibility of a business as a member of VCCI-HCM.
  • Provide favorable conditions for businesses in operations and investment cooperation.


  • Receive free monthly e-newsletters and quarterly VCCI-HCM Newsletter.
  • Receive for free the VCCI-HCM Membership Directory.
  • Receive communication products and market intelligence for businesses and investors.

For further information, please contact:

Membership & Training Department:
C. Thanh Thúy – DĐ: 0903 909 756
Email: luuthanhthuy72@yahoo.com; hoivien@vcci-hcm.org.vn;
Tel: 028. 3932 0611 – Fax: 028. 3932 5472
Địa chỉ: P. 306, Lầu 3, Tòa nhà VCCI, 171 Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, TP. Hồ Chí Minh

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