Employers' Representative Function

Functions of Employers' Representative:

After the Fourth National Congress of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam in April 2003 and in accordance with the Prime Minister's Decision No. 123/2003/QD-TTg (June 2003) approving the Charter of the Prime Minister. revised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the role of the Chamber has been added with a new function as a representative organization to promote and protect the legitimate legitimate interests of Employers' Representative in Vietnam in domestic and international labor relations.

Previously, from May 1997, the Office of Gender Employers was established to advise leaders of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry on labor issues, and at the same time maintain the tripartite relationship on labor. with social partners such as the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor. Currently, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an official member of the World Organization of Owners (IOE) and the Asia-Pacific Federation of Owners (CAPE).


Employers' Representative is a specialized agency of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BEA-VCCI) performing representation to promote and protect the interests of employers. employing workers, promoting progressive industrial relations in Vietnam:

  • Representing Vietnamese employers in the tripartite consultation mechanism on domestic labor and coordinating with representative workers' organizations such as the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) and the Ministry of Labor -Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA).
  • Consulting to create a favorable working environment for business development, acting as a representative organization reflecting the opinions of employers about difficulties and obstacles in the process of law implementation. employees, thereby protecting the interests of employers.
  • Support the development of provincial employers' associations.
  • Provide services and training to the business community on:

– Labor relations
– Labor disputes/Strikes/Strike settlement
– Salary
– Create job
– Vocational training
– Occupational health and safety
– Social Welfare
– Labor laws and standards
– Managing your workplace environment
– Human Resource Development
– Female and child workers
– HIV/AIDS prevention at work
– Labor productivity and corporate social responsibility
– Small business development, private sector.

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