Amata: Resilient pathway to accompany FDI investors

2022 – marked the 35th year of implementing the open-door policy to attract FDI into Vietnam, is also the 28th year of journey that Amata has experienced with valuable achievements.

 Amata City Bien Hoa – Long Binh Industrial Park

Resilient pathway to accompany FDI investors

Since the beginning of open days, Amata group from Thailand had forecast the great development of Vietnam and made decision to invest the first ever project outside of original country, located in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai province. The vision has been proved with more than 190 tenants has joined with Amata industrial park projects, recruiting more than 4 billion USD and creating around 60 thousands jobs for the community. Foreign capital flows have been present in both North – South locations with projects invested by big global names such as Nestle, Shiseido, Pepsi, Toshiba, Swarovski, Akzo Nobel, Jinko…

The developer – like Amata and the investors, all the parties has made significant efforts from the beginning days, when the infrastructure were still very early stage of development. All challenges of such demand for factory operation like regulatory framework, power supply capacity, logistics infrastructure like highways and ports, manpower qualification… has been resolved continuously under the strategic direction of the central government. Over the last decade, Vietnam has emerged as a force to reckon with international investors, an attractive investment destination and a dynamic economy with a large degree of openness and a high economic growth rate. With the high confidence in the future of Vietnam, Amata is keen on looking for more opportunities to grow and expand, maintain the strategy to invite more international partners to collaborate for more integrated projects, not only industrial estates but also commercial and service townships.

Moreover, the investors’ flavor has changed timely while Vietnam also made the commitment in COP26 recently with an ambitious agenda to de-carbonize the economy by avoiding new coal plants and transitioning towards clean energy. Nowadays, beside the core advantages that Vietnam has been successfully exploited, greener economy, renewable and alternative power, clean energy with abundant supply capacity or higher standard of infrastructure are some of key new factors being highly evaluated by the investors. In addition, in the context of global economic still facing with difficulties of recovery after the pandemic and complex scenarios, the approach strategy to investors also need to be sharpen with high focus on efficiency and “All-win” for all related parties, including social, community and environment. To catch up with those requirements, Amata itself is transforming towards sustainability under “Smart city” Concept, as well as proactively raising ideas and proposals to local authorities for more adaptation with the new trend, especially in terms of regulations.

Representative of Amata City Bien Hoa – Mr. Pham Anh Tuan shares his experience in building eco-industrial parks
from Thailand and its applicability in Vietnam

In the latest activities since 2021, Amata city Bien Hoa has been selected by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to pilot the transformation to an eco-IZ model using the circular economy, contribute for the future standardized concept of Vietnam’s Industrial Park. Amata joining with the sharing of experience and success model applied in Thailand, contribute for revision of institutional framework to become feasible with Vietnam conditions, connecting with existing customers for different researches and trainings, supporting authorities in depth about policies and regulatory framework creating…

Amata’s footprint in Vietnam

Amata Corporation, established in Thailand in 1989, is  the World’s leading industrial city developer. Amata specializes in planning, developing, managing, and marketing integrated industrial estates. The group currently serving over 1,400 tenants with more than 300,000 working population, contributing over 56 billion USD into countries’ GDP.

Leveraging the success in Thailand, Amata City Bien Hoa Industrial Park officially started business since 1994 with 190 factories and tenants in operation till now, in 513 hectares area on-going expansion. With more than 28 years of experience in Vietnam, Amata continue to expand business into hot spots of investment, including Long Thanh city (Dong Nai province) from 2015 and Quang Yen Economic Zone (Quang Ninh province) from 2018.

Amata City Long Thanh (1,163 hectares) located in the best strategic location in Southern area, close to the future airline hub – Long Thanh New International Airport, and along the highway to Ho Chi Minh City, targeted for both commercial and industrial land. Currently, 33 percent of the total area is on development as Hi-tech Industrial Park and the remaining 67 percent will be projected to become urban community, expected to make important contributions to Dong Nai’s social-economic development in particular and Vietnam in general.

Amata City Hạ Long – Song Khoai Industrial Park – Phase 1 has been basically completed with active projects

In the Northern area, Amata City Ha Long, located in Song Khoai, Quang Yen commune with 155 mil USD capital (for total 714 hectares), has proactively recruited more than 800 mil USD project from the first customer – Jinko Solar and more to come. Offering the best strategic location with huge advantage of accessibility to key important logistics hub in North Area, the investors joining with Amata City Ha Long also can enjoy the highest attractive incentive tax program for economic zone.

All three projects are scheduled for full services including long-term land lease, well-equipped ready built factory, commercial office, and related services which will fulfill diversified demands of business scale.

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