Epicor ERP Solutions Accelerate Industry in Digital Transformation

As a global leader of industry-specific enterprise software, Epicor continues to encourage the acceleration of Vietnam’s digital transformation by engaging industry players to implement the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in various business sectors from medium scale to corporations.

This is in line with the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 which requires us to be more adaptive and explorative to various changes and be fast in making strategic decisions. Moreover, the impact of pandemic for the past two years has increasingly accelerated digital transformation in some industries to remain sustainable and grow.

As companies contend with an array of challenges including operational efficiency, supply chain disruption, workforce complexities, and changing customer expectations for digital connectedness, the need for flexible, insights-driven industry productivity solutions has never been greater.

By utilizing ERP solutions both cloud-first and on premise, companies can integrate and automate business processes that exist in business operations. Having a 50-year experience, Epicor has created a variety of customized software solutions and services for many kind of industries, especially the middle-market manufacturers.

“Epicor wants to be a strategic business partner that provides customized solution in accordance with the specific needs of customers, especially during the implementation phase, go-live to maintenance support from the several solutions we offer. Thousands of companies in global have relying on Epicor solutions in running their business and serving their customers,” said Vincent Tang, Regional Vice President, Asia, Epicor.

In addition to a variety of ERP modules, Epicor also offers a series of total solutions to improve business processes through technology functionality such as manufacturing execution system (MES), big data, business intelligence to IoT. Epicor continues to ensure its products and solutions deliver the features, reliability, scalability, and security that customers need to grow in any circumstances.

“At Epicor we really understand the specific industries we serve. Backed by deep insights and shaped by innovation, our industrial productivity solutions are carefully curated to support customer business growth,” added Vincent Tang.

Some of the manufacturing sectors with deep expertise by Epicor include metals, industrial machinery, plastics & rubber, automotive parts, construction materials, packaging paper, electronics, processed food to consumer goods.

Epicor does not offer a one-size-fits all ERP solution, but an end-to-end solution platform that is customized and configurable to support the synergistic process of all functions within the company so that it becomes more efficient and integrated. “We believe that there is no best ERP in the world, but that there is only the most suitable ERP. It all depends on the customer’s needs,” Vincent emphasized.

Meanwhile, Kim Dung Nguyen, Country Manager of Vietnam Epicor said Epicor is not only limited to selling products but also collaborating carefully throughout the company’s transformation journey and ensuring a dedicated support team to help realize meaningful business value. “With a deep understanding of each industry, Epicor’s solutions are able to improve performance and profitability while addressing complexities so that customers can focus on growth aspects,” said Kim.

While, according to Vuong Giang, Business Solutions (SEA) Epicor explained that the characteristics of mid-market manufacturing usually have limited IT resources and talent but with the potential to grow more rapidly. “Therefore, to be able to support growth and expansion needs, a flexible system is needed and is ready to capture new growth opportunities by integrating other systems and being able to answer their business challenges,” said Vuong.

Until now Epicor has been used by 30 thousand customers globally in 150 countries. With a value proposition that can meet the unique needs of each company, Epicor is proud to achieve a 95% customer satisfaction rate.

For more information about Epicor, please visit the Epicor website.

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