Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Promotion Center

Small & Medium Sized Enterprises Promotion Center – SMEPC is a functional department of VCCI-HCM, which has been assigned to carry out the projects and activities supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in HCMC and its 6 neighboring provinces managed by VCCI-HCM.

SMEPC regularly organizes supporting activities for SMEs such as training, consultancy, providing information, trade promotion, conferences, seminars, forums providing information and gathering comments to establish the policies, create the favorable business environment to help SMEs develop.

Every year, SMEPC conducts about 50 training courses for over 1,000 enterprises; 10 conferences, seminars, forums for about 1,000 businesses; the supporting projects to enhance management capacity and enhance competitiveness of SMEs such as: How to start and improve your business – SIYB (ILO); Development of auxiliary industry – SID (JICA); program “Supporting Export Promotion” (collaborated with HAWA and CBI – Netherland); the program “Supporting Senior Management Consultant for SMEs” – PUM (Netherlands); The project “Popularize the business, support individual business households to develop into enterprises, rapidly increase the number of medium and large enterprises” (VCCI); the project “Incubator for enterprises in Innovative Mechanical Engineering and Technology Industry” – IPP (Finland); “Strengthening SME’s linkage to develop rural agricultural value chain” (VCCI); Youthspark Carrier Readiness (Microsoft – VCCI)… to help SMEs improve their management skill and competitiveness, improve their export and marketing skills, promote market expansion with domestic and foreign partners. In addition, SMEPC annually cooperates with partners such as VGU, Leipzig University, German Business Association, VSN Network, SIYB Enterprises, Einholding Ltd. and RICO Media to organize activities such as “Best Innovator Award”, “Eincubate Startup Competition”, SIYB – SME Days, etc.

In the coming years, SMEPC will continue to develop plans and proposals for the implementation of new national and international programs and projects that focus on supporting sustainable start-ups, enhancing competitiveness, strengthening the value chain and supporting programs about training and consulting for the businesses.

Typical training topics: “Start and Improve Your Business”; “Business Planning”; “Improving working skills & start-ups through IT application”; “Effective leadership and management skills”; “Effective Purchasing Manager”; “Modern and professional selling skills”; “Inventory management and purchasing”; “Guidelines for the financial statement preparation and analysis”; “Accounting & Tax”; “Team Building”; “Corporate culture”; “Export promotion skills”; “Skills to participate in trade fairs”; “Introduction to Kaizen & 5S”; “Guidelines for the application of ISO 14000”; “Practical Steps to Support SMEs in Preventing Corruption” …

Typical topics of conferences, seminars and forums: “Access to capital and technology for SMEs”; “Solution of non-collateral loan for SMEs”, Enhancing working skills, starting up and connecting SMEs”, “Recirculating economy, new approaches, reducing waste to the environment”, “Effective application of electronic payment service to develop the sales and business systems “; “Business Start-up Index in 2015/16.”

References About Smes:

– Decree No. 56/2009 / ND-CP on supporting for development of small and medium enterprises (Date: 30/06/2009; Effective date: 20/08/2009)

– Draft of SME Law (February 09, 2017):

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