Function & Mission


The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the following functions:

1. To represent Vietnam’s business community for the promotion and protection of its legitimate interests in domestic and international relations.

2. To promote the development of the business community; promote and support trade, investment, scientific-technological cooperation, and other business activities of the business community in Vietnam and abroad; promote and help to build harmonious labor relations in enterprises.


The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry has the following mission:

1. To collect information, study facts, and make recommendations to the State and Party on legal issues, policies, and strategies on socio-economic development to improve the business environment and build harmonious labor relations; organize forums, dialogues, meetings, and business match-making events; act as a bridge between the business community and the Party, the State, and other relevant entities in Vietnam and abroad to exchange information, ideas, and propose solutions to outstanding problems and for the improvement of policies and laws related to enterprises, the business environment and labor relations.

2. To participate, on behalf of business community, in the process of drafting and promulgating legal and regulatory documents related to business, business activities, and labor relations in accordance with relevant laws.

3. To act as the focal point to collect information and input from the business community; to organize and take part in consultation activities with negotiation delegations on economic and trade issues; to together with competent authorities participate in the process of negotiating, concluding, accessing, ratifying, and implementing international treaties and conventions on economic and trade issues to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a Party; to organize business delegations accompanying Party and State leaders; to organize forums between Vietnamese business, Vietnamese business councils, and businesses from other countries; to conduct other promotion activities in order to extend international trade and investment relations.

4. To take the role of the representative organization at the central level for Vietnam’s employers and participate in the tripartite mechanism on labor relations; to provide guidance to and support the establishment and connections with employers’ representative organizations at sectoral and local levels; to cooperate with employees’ representative organizations and relevant authorities to support enterprises and employers’ organizations in building harmonious, stable, and progressive development of labor relations in accordance with the law.

5. To conduct activities to protect the legitimate interests of the business community in domestic and international business relations; to provide consultancy and support in responding to issues and questions that the business community may have with competent authorities.

6. To carry out communication activities, disseminate information, and provide consultancy on implementing relevant policies, laws, and regulations; to disseminate, provide, and support the business community with business, science, and technology information.

7. To advocate the business community to foster corporate social responsibility, build an ethical business culture, protect the environment, and take part in other community activities of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with the law.

8. To support the establishment of business associations, cooperate with them to build their capacity, and set up a network of business associations throughout the country.

9. To cooperate with relevant domestic entities and authorities; to cooperate with business entities abroad, to conclude and implement international cooperation agreements, and to join international organizations in accordance with the law.

10. To organize training in order to develop and foster human resources for enterprises and business associations; to improve corporate governance and business skills for entrepreneurs, heading towards the creation of a community of strong and dynamic entrepreneurs.

11. To carry out activities to develop and promote the reputation and brands of Vietnamese goods, services, the business community, and business environment.

12. To organize supporting activities for business growth, and have access to development resources; to support the development of domestic and international trade and investment relations with business matchmaking events; information provision, guidance and consultancy for enterprises; research and market surveys, seminars, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, advertisements, and other trade promotion activities in accordance with the law.

13. To undertake research, pilot projects, apply and transfer new business models to support the development of enterprises and business associations; to undertake research and survey projects regarding competitive competence, labor relations, and other issues with a view to boost the competitiveness and the development of enterprises and business associations.

14. To organize or co-organize activities of honoring and rewarding enterprises, entrepreneurs, entities, and individuals who have made great contributions to the growth of the business community and the economy in accordance with the law.

15. To assist with the registration and protection of intellectual property rights and technology transfer in Vietnam and abroad in accordance with the law.

16. To issue certificates of origin for Vietnamese exported goods under the mandate of competent authorities; to certify force majeure; to certify and approve other necessary documents in trading activities upon voluntary request of the parties involved in transactions, or upon request or mandate of the competent agencies and organizations in Vietnam and abroad.

17. To assist domestic and foreign enterprises in the settlement of disagreements and disputes through negotiation, conciliation, or arbitration in accordance with the law.

18. To carry out other missions assigned or mandated by competent authorities.